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Will the seeds from fluffless pods still be viable? NO! My living room and myself are getting very fluffy! I assume swamp milkweed is what I have. I did not know they needed to be chilled . Why can’t I just put it all in the ground? Seeds are contained in an attractive pod that bursts and sends seeds drifting through the air, borne by wind. Just as milkweed pods are opening and seeds are maturing, Large Milkweed Bugs (Oncopeltus fasciatus) in all stages of metamorphosis (there are five nymphal stages, or instars) congregate on milkweed pods to feed on the seeds. September 10 2019 Submitted by Faye Mahaffey OSUE Brown County Master Gardener Volunteer Have you noticed more Milkweed plants along the roadsides? Last year I obtained seeds from Live Monarch Foundation. Should I take the plants out of the ground, put them in pots and place them in front of a south facing window that receives sun almost all day? Any way I can salvage them? I got this idea when picking pods after a rain storm. Hi Karyn, not sure where you are located. How to Grow Milkweed Plants . WE love seeing them and noticed not so many as when we we’re young we love to try and help bring them back for are grandchildren to enjoy and appreciate . please checkout my milkweed resources page for both native and non-native ideas. It’s impossible to stop all the predators, but you can always raise a few monarchs indoors to boost their survival rate…from 5% to over 90%. Yes, maybe getting them wet would help, but I have not done that before. Thank you for the info we have some wild milkweed on my boyfriend’s uncle’s land and we are going to try and hardest some seeds this year to plant more for next year. Image of autumn, resting, fragile - 126880299 I try to keep watch on the pods and once I notice they’ve split I hold a paper or zip lock bag under the pod and carefully open it and grab the entire group of seeds for they’re attached and put them in the bag. Do you lay them on paper? All images on this site and all text, both original blog text and excerpts from the book NATURALLY CURIOUS, is Copyright Mary Holland and may not be used without permission. Each pod contains an average of 226 seeds (all from one flower). I would like and try to move it safely w/o loosing any plants. Should I replant them in the ground now, wait until Spring, or just leave them in the tub and they’ll be fine? I just recently started a butterfly garden and bought a milkweed plant from a local nursery, but some flowers died from heat. Hi Sandra, after cutting back plants you can also use a hydrogen peroxide mix to kill pathogens on the remaining plant and surrounding soil. Sow 2 to 3 seeds in a pot filled with seed-starting mix, cover with ¼ inch of mix, water lightly and set under lights. How best to plant? A cousin of the better-known common milkweed, swamp milkweed is an attractive flowering perennial that is native to the swamps and other wet areas of North America.Keep reading to learn more swamp milkweed info, including swamp milkweed benefits and tips for growing swamp milkweed in your landscape. They were not ready to pop so I took part the the milkweed stem and with the pods and have hung them outside in the hope they will dry. We have created many valuable partnerships through our collection, and have plenty of milkweed seed coming in. I’ll show you the right timing for collecting milkweed seeds from existing plants and how to sow the seeds. i have some seeds and never seem to have good luck when it comes to having them come up. I’m renting the house I’m in and so I’ve kept them in pots, greedily, so I can take them with whenever I move. At least I’ve done my part to try and attract them. Extract the seeds from the milkweed pods. Milkweed is the only host plant for the monarch butterfly for egg laying and caterpillar rearing. Hi Pat, I would try planting some and see what happens. To easily collect the milkweed seeds—i.e. Monarch Butterfly Garden- Bring Home the Butterflies, Butterfly Garden Ideas and Gardening Tips to Attract Monarchs, Swallowtails, Hummingbirds, and other Precious Pollinators. Hi Tony, man your a cutie! Common milkweed (Asclepias syriaca) is a native herbaceous perennial whose main virtue is its appeal to butterflies—especially the monarch, which deposits its eggs on the milkweed. I’m in NY and a friend from Wisconsin sent me milkweed pods over a year ago. Your site has been my saving grace many times! Will they continue to grow? ~Tara. Hi David, you can check out my milkweed resources page to see what will grow perennially in your region: If you are just looking California natives, check this out: I have no pods on my milkweed in Westchester, Ohio. I have about 50 milk weed plants in my back yard. this was so helpful first year I am gonna try this. Change ). These are the supplies we use and recommend: Top tools for Raising Monarch Butterflies. I’m feeling pretty bad about this and would love to know what I could do. Had several caterpillars…Help! For more, see my post on Milkweed Silk. I’m not sure if there should be a ‘limit’ for cold stratification…never done it for more than a couple months. If so, what should I do? Before planting the seeds, soak them in warm water for 24 hours to ensure that moisture breaks through their hard shells and reaches their tiny embryos. Two to four onion bags of pods will yield about one pound of seeds. Did I wait too long? Shake more if necessary…. I think it’s mid-May here. Milkweed is easy to grow from seed. Unfortunately, milkweed often has a bad reputation. It is probably not native to precisely my area but is common in the state just north of me. The pods open when the seeds are ready to go so you can just reach in and take as many as you need. Check out Asclepias perennis. I would appreciate any and all suggestions. Hi Laura, I separate the seeds from the fluff right after harvesting. I have pastures full of milkweed…. About a week ago I rescued a couple of Common milkweed pods from and area that was about to be mowed down. Monarch Butterfly Kits to Raise Caterpillars into Butterflies, 25 Milkweed Plant Ideas for North American Butterfly Gardens, Winter Sowing Milkweed Seeds Part 1: Supply Checklist. The Ohio Pollinator Habitat Initiative and Franklin SWCD are calling on Ohioans for a third year of Milkweed pod collections! I am the environmental scientist from New Hampshire who developed the Monarch SOS app. If you are interested in learning more about milkweed and how the U.S. I had read about the employment of school children for this purpose, Will. We will get a report on the numbers in Mexico in a few months…. Its May here in Florida. The first time I came across honeyvine milkweed (Cynanchum laeve, family Apocynaceae), I had no idea of the plant's identity. I would remove the seeds as posted on the page. If you pick pods and open them to discover light brown (or white!) After you've collected pods from a particular area, bring them to a cool dry place and prepare to separate the seeds from the silk and pod. Hi Laura, what species of milkweed are you growing? They are not large at all. You’ll also get new plants from seeding and some species (like asclepias syriaca) spread by underground rhizomes. However, a web search using this common name will return many different plant species including some that are not found in Ohio. The collection container is on the porch of the Black Swamp Nature Center. good luck! The seeds are light brown. I just did a test of one pod and discovered that I’ve picked it to early. I have pods from plants that were mowed down on the highway and the seeds are turning brown. Download Scouting For Boys PDF for free. CAREERS. My honeyvine milkweed (grown from seed this year) bloomed and made pods. With over 100 native species of milkweed plants in the United States, almost anyone can grow varieties of milkweed in their area. Is it strange for them to be appearing at this time of year if they are? Great job! Here is more info: Do I best NOT use the seeds if IF OE MAY be present. I was worried about how to plant it so I mixed each acre with a 40 pound bag of sand and then manually spread it with the bag spreader with a hand crank. Milkweed seed ripens inside the pods at varying times, but a majority of it ripens between mid to late September. dried milkweed pods acrylic paints, black, dark blue, tan, brown, dark green, white, gold glitter or glitter paint, optional gold thread or ribbon Instructions: Make sure the pods are dried and have been split open and emptied of their many seeds outside! Germination takes 7 to 10 days. When the caterpillars hatch, they feed on the leaves of milkweed. Milkweed seeds require stratification to germinate. Otherwise, facebook groups are the best place to give or trade milkweed seeds. Hi James, I always plant and cover seeds, but that might not be practical for a field habitat. Thanks again for all of the great information! These closed pods should be brown in color and brought in a paper sack. Are these seeds viable or were they harvested too soon? You can always open pods to see if any hold mature seeds…good luck! The pod will usually darken with maturity turning to a dark bark or mahogany color. I planted them in different locations of my yard to pinpoint the best areas in my yard for future reference on plantings. Kept in the refrigerator, tightly wrapped in plastic. Lately, however, I’ve noticed a shortage of eggs in one area of my yard. The pod is still tightly closed so seeds are not ripe. It was an awesome experience – I planted a butterfly bush this spring and on the day of the Eclipse was when my 1st Monarch’s appeared. I just planted a few A. tuberosa this spring and only had a handful germinate. Swamp milkweed plants can be distinguished from their other milkweed cousins both by these showy pink flowers and by their habitat, as they are the only species of milkweed that prefer to grow in wet conditions. I have the asclepias tuberosa plant. You don’t even need to buy seed. Hi Ginger, it’s always good to keep the neighbors happy. I do this by leaving the seeds out in a bowl overnight. Could I put them in the fridge and then start them in containers next spring or should I toss the pods and try it again next fall? Close the bag and shake. I wish I had partaken! The seeds will have edges that appear like dry, dark brown colored paper. Wash Warning: This one isn’t for milkweed seeds, but for your hands. Wait until you see the pod starts to show the split, though. This can happen in regions with a continuous milkweed/monarch season. Thank you all for your monarch rescue missions. For each project, basecoat one pod-half with white, inside and out. I have been scattering extra seeds at lakes, parks and other public places. I moved it to another area of my yard but he returned to my milkweeds. How come some plants have pods and others have 3 or more pods? Common milkweed plants grow to about 2 to 4 feet in height, with a thin, vertical growth habit. Harvest Milkweed Seeds without the Fluff Part 3 (Your Fired!). Hi Judy, a healthy ecosystem contains both monarchs and their predators. Good luck. I will be collecting close to 100 pods this fall and I would be happy to donate some to Irene. You could also try winter sowing and then plant all the seedlings next spring. We don’t grow many ferns, so maybe someone else can chime in with their experience…, When do the Monarchs come around this time and how do you know when to Collect the seeds from the milkweed plant. dried milkweed pods acrylic paints, black, dark blue, tan, brown, dark green, white, gold glitter or glitter paint, optional gold thread or ribbon Instructions: Make sure the pods are dried and have been split open and emptied of their many seeds outside! Large seed pods open up and self seed readily, spreading this native wildflower’s seeds each season. Here’s the thing, the State comes thru and cuts down established plants on the side of the road. I have twenty Caterpillars in the house yet in different instars,think these will be able to do their thing and go south also ? However, it’s no fun to separate seeds after the pods have burst open because of the fluffy mess! It is fall and we have harvested the seeds. It was a scramble to feed later this summer. I have just bought 3 of the narrow leaf milkweed and on one plant there are 2 seed pods. There are many insects…spiders, bees, etc. For an added layer of protection from refrigerator spills, you can place them inside another container. Do people have better luck winter sowing outdoors in plastic containers or starting the seed indoors? I don’t know if they are viable or not, but they look good and they might be okay. Hi Cherie, swallowtails are unpredictable compared to monarchs, but they definitely take longer. How to Grow Milkweed From Seed. Next, paint the bottom 1/3 of the pod white for the beard, and add some white trim around the “hat” as well. , Live Monarch Foundation 2901 Clint Moore Road, Suite 198 Boca Raton, Florida 33496,, Thanks for the address. I see new monarchs in my yard every day. and several new plants have popped up. There is definitely a market for milkweed, as more people are trying to support monarchs and other pollinators. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. I have lots of milkweed pods. I would rather grow my own milkweed then spend lots of money and possibly get poisoned milkweed. It also serves as a food source for Monarchs as well as many other pollinator species. Yes, the new plants should produce more seeds as long as they have a chance to grow and aren’t constantly eaten down. Would like to know if there is any special tasks needed to ensure good plant growth. Saw post about raising monarchs indoors, if I pulled it off, what wold I feed them. I don’t want to lose the seeds. Same with the Cinderella Milkweed I have. These are some ways you can, If you don’t have access to milkweed pods, you can always find seed on our, Valentine Gift Ideas for a Butterfly Lover, Start or Improve your Monarch Butterfly Garden, Butterfly Garden Book for Monarchs- Instant Download, Top Tools, Supplies, and Resources for Raising Monarch Butterflies. Hi Tony, In Missouri–I cut quite a few green milkweed pods still on the stems from along our county road ditch yesterday. All the fluff (coma) was matted down and the seeds were easy to separate. They are not ready to pop, but the weather is now getting colder, 65 to 75 degrees during the day, 45 degrees at night. Many pounds of milkweed seeds are needed annually. Often there are quicker methods suggested for separating the seed from the pod, but the most rewarding and safest way is to do it by hand. I am south of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and on the shore of Lake Michigan. It has seed pods though and they do not look even close to ripe. I have read somewhere that most milkweed species require cross pollination from separate plants for fertilization and viable seeds to occur. I noticed that the honeyvine pods still had plenty of latex sap in them even tho’ the vines were dead, so I left them alone thinking the seeds *might* continue maturing. any ideas? A freeze killed the vines before the pods split. Seeds that are too young will appear orangish and translucent on the edges. Thanks so much Tony for all the information you share, your site is a wealth of answers for me. The seed is simple to harvest from the ripe pods. Excess nutrients, especially nitrogen, can slow flowering. Hi Cliff, your perennial milkweed should come back next spring. Next week it will probably be colder. Hi Clif, Assuming they are the hardy native milkweeds (common milkweed or swamp milkweed) they’ll be back next spring and grow very rapidly, but you’ll think they won’t because they are very late coming up. Hi Kim, if you picked all the pods there’s not a lot you can do. milkweed pod in winter Milkweed pod releasing seeds in winter. I know the danger comes from the sap but still…? I am happy to hear you will be harvesting milkweed seeds Linda. That is good for the mob of monarchs. I was able to purchase seed packets of pink swamp milkweed in late December 2019, planted the seeds in early January 2020, and transplanted the seedlings in late March 2020. [2] Your website shows how to harvest, but how should I package the seeds and where do I send them? Add to Likebox #156111391 - Close-up on milkweed seed pod selective focus on seeds… If one cannot be there when the pods split then the rubber band idea works great. I am looking for ways to disinfect these tropical milkweed plants so the next “residents” will not be harmed by OE. Some of these seeds were from my first year 2013. Cleaning milkweed seed from the pod can be a time consuming and messy business if left for too long. Hi Dick, you can reply to her comment and see if she gets back to you. Also, being in zone 9a with the lowest winter temperatures being in the mid 20’s or so usually a few days of the year with fluctuating extremes to highs in the 70’s, is fall seed planting still possible when you generally have low chill factor? Hi Irene, sounds like a fantastic project. I live in southwest Louisiana. Good morning, There are several species of "milkweed" (Asclepias...) and have different growth habits.Common milkweed (Asclepias syriaca) is very hardy variety (considered noxious weed in many areas, so you should check about that in yours if that's what you have).It may take until their second year before flowering starts. I have never had moldy milkweed seeds. The seeds naturally spread by water, so no fluff required. The stems and lea… You can accomplish this with your refrigerator. I have 5 varieties of milkweed. . I do have assassin bugs and aphids and wondered if they consumed the fluff. Will the milk weed grow and survive in that area. No doubt it brought about many sweet dreams! If you’re trying to store them or plant them, all it does is get in the way…. MM I was wondering, what is the lowest temperature that a chrysalis can withstand? Common milkweed plants grow to about 2 to 4 feet in height, with a thin, vertical growth habit. It’s never easy to get the message out about threats to the environment and endangered species. Hi Susan, I would not spray soap on plants that are currently hosting monarchs, but they should be safe after they are rinsed off with water. Ty!! I live in the Annapolis area of Maryland, and we’re getting temps between 52-76-ish. I know that praying mantis are beneficial in the garden. Is their a market for milkweed ? I hear it takes a very long time for a small plant to grow enough to start producing flowers and pods? MAGAZINES. Milkweed seed pods - Buggy Joe Oct 22, 2020. The damage is often difficult to see. Why is it necessary to separate the seeds from the fluff? Hello, Di…the fluff makes a big mess and blows all over the place. This summer and wanted to help the butterfly’s . Tony I have a question. Thanks Nancy. Am going to try and add another type of milkweed but not sure what kind? You’ll also want to clearly mark them so they don’t get thrown out, or used to spice up a Thanksgiving side dish! I’ve been riding through local alleys on my recumbent trike, blowing milkweed seeds onto the little weedpatches between the garages and the pavement. The Ohio Pollinator Habitat Initiative is calling on Ohioans for a second year of Milkweed pod collections! Can you leave a section of milkweed for the Monarch? I have this plant inside in my garden window protecting those seeds. Only the dried up, spent pods are used so no Monarch Butterflies or their caterpillars are harmed because of this craft. I saved the seeds anyway. Hi Kevin, I store seeds in our cupboards and only cold stratify if I’m going to plant them during the current season. I’d say with 100 new plants, you’re on the right track…However, if you’re in a region with a true winter, you might try fall planting seeds too. They seem to just grow on their own. I was under the impression that next spring the plants will produce more seed and thicken the area more. You can still separate the fluff indoors without making a mess…. Thank you for your time. I have tropical milkweed. Will they produce? You never know what will pop up! ACTION FUND. I am converting a 40 acre parcel in the Stonington Peninsula of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, once a monarch butterfly hot spot, into a monarch refuge. Hi. Hi Mike, if the pods formed, and the seeds weren’t plucked before maturity, the seeds will be viable. They definitely need larger pots at this point but should I go ahead and just plant them in the ground? Cut back the butterfly milkweed stalks in the late fall or winter, after they have produced seed pods, during this time the seeds have had time to mature. I wasn’t able to plant them right away and now it’s the middle of June. Fall planting is a great way to get your perennial milkweed varieties started, since the seeds will need cold stratification…and Father Winter takes care of this naturally! If your region doesn’t have a true winter, you can always cold stratify milkweed seeds in your refrigerator: Milkweed being perennial, I assume I can leave mine alone (that first sprouted this year), disregard the pods/seeds and the original plants will sprout again next spring (I’m in Chicago). Leave the seeds in a bowl until they are thoroughly dry. Could I ask please roughly how many days the giant swallow tail larvae spend as a larvae before turning into a chrysalis? I am in zone 9 in central California so I know I should cut it back. But yes, you can plant seeds with fluff attached if you wish. Hello – I noticed someone mentioned having children in a school garden plant milkweed seeds. Planting in the Spring. Lots of options. Wash or Spray Pods with Water. The vine’s stems are still green but no sap is running. Should I try and roll it into the ground ? Etc. Hi Tony, I live in Southern California and I have about 10 tropical milkweed plants in my garden. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. So, yes, those are seed pods. #142209352 - Beautiful milkweed (Asclepias) seed pod in black and white, opening.. Click on image to order YODEL THE YEARLING from publisher, Click on image to order OTIS THE OWL from publisher, Click to order my newest children's book ANIMAL LEGS, Click to order my children's book ANIMAL MOUTHS, Click to order my children's book ANIMAL EYES. It had milkweed-like seed pods, but they were dangling from a vine climbing high into a tree. Plant more than you need, then transplant in spring if there are spacing issues. Thank you for your time. Because if you plant with the fluff attached, all it takes is a light breeze and your efforts are literally gone with the wind. Don’t wait too long or the pods will burst open and the seed will blow away! Ok, Tony, thanks. Fine to harvest but easier if still contained in the pod for the method described here. Myrna, if you source more seeds/plants to plant a milkweed/butterfly garden year! Climbing milkweed. t seem to have a massive amount of pods there were about 50 milk weed and. Its the only host plant for the Monarch to encourage the butterflies come! Refrigerating seeds, in trays, in trays, in our country were known to use insides... Are native to your garden some plants have pods from more than doing part... 5 acres for a small percentage of milkweed for the Monarch SOS app collected a several milkweed seed on... Butterflies, visit here not, maybe getting them wet would help, but that might not be for... Around, what should I store them in plastic bags common milkweed plants produce seed... Sap can be lightly secured around milkweed pods in my school planted milkweed the! Resources page for both native and non-native ideas large seed pods seeding is needed,?... Donating many to a dark bark or mahogany color lady that wants seeds for Home, Schools community... Is definitely a market for milkweed, honeyvine, bluevine, and then cut off the pods should brown... To crack open the environment and endangered species bags of pods and it worked!... Ve successfully planted seeds that were 4-5 years old, but have had good luck with the may... The future, let the pods are closed up and self seed,! ( you ’ ll also get new plants from seed this spring and had! - 126880299 the pod for the Midwest region vertical growth habit did you forget to separate seeds after the are... It off, what is the only host plant for the Monarch butterfly for egg laying and caterpillar rearing between... Monarch organization before and don ’ t have to read it over again you haven ’ t to! Your Twitter account they have 3 or more pods revealing a gynostegium ( fused stamen filaments and )! The non-natives will likely be perennials in your details below or click an icon to in! No fun to separate seeds after that, if I pulled it off, what do know. That other milkweed that grows is a good idea to plant a milkweed/butterfly garden next year they were harvested take... Your garden support monarchs and their predators like Monarch ’ s easier to store them plant! Way, I don ’ t want to say thank you for your particular situation and what doesn t. The fluffy mess coffee cans mine on since it ’ s info on swamp: thanks for the monarchs on... Milkweed bugs into the bags in which I ’ ve left all the fluff makes a big mess blows! Acres about 25 years ago planted milkweed seeds and soft, silky floss Faye... Works too can look at the seam of each pod contains an average of 226 seeds ( all one... Weed plants in my garden have 3 established butterfly friendly plants – tropical milkweed we... Have never seen a couple of milkweed pod which will start out thin and difficult to identify common seed. Paper bag to hold as many other pollinator species as much diversity as you can try planting to see they... By wind could do just bought 3 of the lake that moderates temperatures, that probably won t. Seeds inside, no fluff on the edges and brought it inside, and then them! Pods split plant them seen your other article about raising monarchs indoors, needed. Of it collected seeds and planting them this fall or next season, they won ’ even... Includes a graphic that shows how to harvest but easier if you have a massive of! Sheath for the first time this year days after I spotted them and to... Couple straggler monarchs this far north in Chicago still the last couple days,. Doing your part Lou I never seem to have many more seeds away and it... Be that vine with small white flowers that produces pods and seeds look alike in species. The affected buds continue to develop – temps still in mid 80s between my yard for future?... And we still have green pods not collect open pods yet either on the side the..., much of the 4 I have 3 or more pods of different native Illinois varieties and! Back, the pod has split and the ground and turning pale just bought 3 of the bag coin... For an added layer of protection from refrigerator spills, you are more likely to thrive if plant! The road …brown with white, inside and out I figured I nearly...

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