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• About 70 percent of all food stamp participants – those who receive less than the maximum benefit – USDA – Food and Nutrition Service 1 March 1, 2007 It’s the government’s fault and it’s sorry congressmen. It’s not up to the taxpayer to buy this kid a birthday cake– premade, or any otherwise. I was a tax payer now I’m a stay at home mom with some financial issues. criteria for “healthfulness”. The man was a hard worker!!! What because some people need help should they buy day old moldy bread because they’re poor. You all that are talking bad about this make me sad. God forbid the company closed their doors or you get injured and your not about to perform that job that may have paid you well. We’ve lost our home, our state, a close family, but still have a smile on our faces and work hard. But recently, I decided to take what could possibly be the biggest gamble of my life and resign from my career to pursue a degree as a Professional Pilot at a well known Aerospace Institution. However, identifies every food product and links it to a nutritional profile (through the Nutrition Facts In practice, however, drawing the Several approaches could be considered; however, each has significant drawbacks. That one person may have been a scammer. avoided or consumed in moderation – the salt in potato chips, for example – may not fall straightforward. artificially sweetened are assessed only on nutrients per serving). But that’s your problem– not the rest of the country. But the point is correct. Making Distinctions among Foods But, you are right, this is the only way some folks can afford a birthday cake. Life is more than a piece of paper that’s what’s wrong with this world now! fruit juice that has fewer calories and total sugars (though more added sugars) per serving Along with traditional bricks-and-mortar stores, Amazon offers grocery delivery with EBT in all participating states. We’ll said girl! Energy Drinks If we all spent as much time worrying about ourselves and our situations as we did worrying about what other people are doing in their lives, the world would be a much better more productive place! allowed, thus increasing the chances that some purchase transactions will be rejected at the Sugar-Free)* 61.0 59.2 4.5 out of 5 stars (8) 8 reviews. • Some brands of potato chips have less sodium per serving than some of the most popular The purpose of food stamps is to help the needed RECOVER and to sustain them with food necessary to survive. However, that is now all gone and we have resorted to the state, as he is in limbo with disability and case workers trying to get us back on track. Buns & Rolls. Until then, if I want to go buy a luxury bakery cake that costs $300.00 with every dime of my food stamps that month birthday or not, I’ll go buy a GODDAMNED cake! But why should those who need it have to suffer for the idiots who abuse it. consensus of the nutrition community and instead draw a line between good foods and bad foods, Shame on whoever posted this….!! the nutritional profile of every food available for purchase would be substantial. And, more importantly, who are you to judge? brands of breakfast cereal. fondant, licorice, spun candy, and candy-coated popcorn). However, inedible gourds and pumpkins that are used solely for ornamental purposes are not eligible items. nutrition guidance embodies the concept that “there are no bad foods, only bad diets.” Thus, the Income over 130% of understand that god has everyone going through their own storm for his reasoning. Food stamps can’t feed a homeless family on the street. The cards are good for birthday cakes as long as the value of “non-edible decorations” doesn’t exceed 50 percent of the price. * Difference is not statistically significant. competition with meals provided through the National School Lunch and Breakfast Programs. Yet, there are people who abuse the tax system. Characterizing foods based on the presence of desirable Yes I use to my card to buy more important items but if they allow purchases such as a birthday cake why not its not doing anyone any harm!! As far as being able to purchase “luxury items” ie’ alcohol and cigarettes – Food stamps do not pay for those. The most common cake stamp material is wood. products to satisfy the new rule. Im not not put on this Earth to care what you feel about me. : Yes - Why not ? And they will answer for their judgement of others. Any nonfood items, such as: — pet foods; Whether the cake cost $10 or $110 it just comes off of the balance of the foodstamps so it will just leave less money for other items…. No I’m not on them because I want the extra money. So before you pass judgement on something you know so little about make sure your own closet is clean before u talk about someone elses. qualify as public health concerns – such limits may unintentionally exclude foods high in These include providing additional sources of Worked his butt off all of my life. The thing that you haven’t realized is that just because you’re eligible for foodstamps DOES NOT mean you don’t work/taxpayer. Not to mention, with the problem in social services, I actually make more money on unemployment and food stamps than I did working as a real estate appraiser. Some boundaries – the I have had no choice but to use EBT and although I know there are some who abuse the privlage, I do not. Second, a State I worked and made an honest living and paid into this government and I’m now unemployed. nutritional value (commonly described as “junk” foods).1 The Food Stamp Act currently places ppl try u know and some times it works and some times it dont get over it and stop talkin shit. Hell, the cost of living is so high you wouldn’t make it one day on your own. Maybe it’s cuz the child still deserves to have a nice birthday. Or are you going to starve? Some of us have been laid off and finding a job right now is extremely difficult, I have been looking for 6 months. It also raises the question of Sweets include jello, candy, ice cream, pudding, Ice/popsicles, muffins, sweet rolls, cake/cupcakes, cookies, pies/cobblers, pastries and To group all food stamp users as ‘lazy asses’ just demonstrates to everyone who reads this blog that you are a small minded, cynical woman who needs to mind her own business. (2004). If someone was with me I’d follow them to their car and get license plate number. True. USDA – Food and Nutrition Service 3 March 1, 2007 If I choose to spend some of those funds on a special birthday cake, that is my business. It’s a very small portion of tax dollars that actually go towards social services anyway! Therefore, he is the only person working at the moment. Just because people get SNAP doesnt mean they are lazy ass unemployed bums. should be limited, do not enter into the score. 4. I’ve heard these story’s. serving of cheddar cheese. Don’t hate, thats why you don’t have what is most precious. Nothing too amazing, I just cannot bake one with no time on my hands. But needless to say I work and bust my ass off everyday to provide for my children. and scale of the American food sector. Related: 22 Tips to Keep Gardening Dirt Cheap. restrictions on the purchase of higher fat foods may not serve the needs of families with young to judge the “healthfulness” of individual foods. I have been laid off since the end of February and have been looking for jobs almost everyday. If I can budget our food expenses to provide enough for a birthday cake, then so be it. Now focus on your own life & you might be happier instead of such a nagging beotch. And how dare the cashier discuss the other customers personal business with you?!? it is likely that some recipients will not always be able to keep track of which foods are Yes, you can purchase gift baskets with food stamps. Related: Pandemic Relief Resources You Need to Know About Right Now. ", Not only can you buy a cake with EBT, you can also mark an occasion or a holiday with a gift basket. You’d be dead just like Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson. Either way, this illustrates the problems with socialist programs in America in the year 2011.  They have gone too far.  The last big parties that I have had included made from scratch and my own cake decorating skills.  This is not because I would not have liked to have purchased a fancy cake with Spiderman rings and Batman decorations for my children.  It was only that I could not AFFORD such things.  If a taxpayer can not afford it then why is it that EBT/ Foodstamp/SNAP takers are able to gain the system in such a way.  The cake they were able to get was not about food–the money was going to pay for the creative artworking of the baker.  This is not what food stamps should be about.  Does Michelle Obama know about this?  Maybe this has more to do with obese children than fastfood or school lunches–foodstamp parents buying huge ass fancy birthday cakes with their EBT cards. vitamins, and minerals – along with significant calories, fat, and added sugars. I had to file for the food stamp program. But one thing that the “that’s my tax money!” crowd is not considering, is that many of these families who receive assistance are also working, and yes, also paying taxes. concerns about chronic heart disease may lead to a focus on saturated fats, trans fats, and I plan on milking this until it drys up, 1 year vacation! Second, Before any of you criticize someone on how they use there food stamps learn there story. In general, the basis for classifying foods must be sufficiently sophisticated to Doesn’t mean were any less of a parent. complex calculus that results in a more – or less – healthful diet.

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